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1.0. Name and purpose of the association


1.1. The name of the Association is Ocean.


1.2 The purpose of the Association is to preserve, maintain, operate and sail the ship M/Y Ocean Saloon as a seaworthy classic ship worthy of preservation for the benefit of its members and all who support the preservation of the ship. 


1.3 Amendments to the Articles of Association or the dissolution of the Association may be carried out if 2/3 of its voting members vote in favors at a General Meeting. If a majority vote is not obtained, the proposal may be put to a subsequent General Meeting by a simple majority vote of those present. 


1.4 Any surplus/assets/materials after repayment of the A members' one-off contributions shall be transferred upon dissolution of the association to similar non-profit purposes in the Municipality of Copenhagen at the association's own discretion.


2.0. Operating funds.


2.1 The fixed operating costs include maintenance, berth rent, membership of associations, operation of the website and insurance and can be viewed at any time on the Association's website


2.2. The variable operating costs include, electricity consumption, diesel consumption, small replacements of gear during sailing and harbour rent in guest harbours.


2.3 The fixed operating costs shall be covered by all members of the Association through a fixed membership fee from each member, by payment of the maintenance surcharge for sailing, as well as amounts from the sponsor. 


2.4 The variable costs shall be allocated according to consumption, i.e. in proportion to each member's participation in cruises or events with the M/Y Ocean Saloon. 


3.0. General Assembly


3.1 Only A-Members have the right to vote at the General Assembly


3.2 The General Assembly shall be held annually before the end of March. Notice of the General Meeting shall be given by the Board of Directors at least three weeks in advance on the Association's website.


3.3 Proposals for the agenda shall be submitted in writing at least two weeks before the General Assembly. 


3.4 The General Assembly shall elect a Board of Directors which shall be responsible for the operation of the Association, including ensuring that the members of the Association, when using the ship, have a skipper on board approved by the Board of Directors. The Board shall consist of 3 persons. 


3.5 The Board shall determine the annual subscription and maintenance allowance for the fixed operating costs and the daily payment per sailing hour to cover part of the fixed operating costs and the full variable operating costs on the basis of a budget drawn up by the Board of the Association.


3.6 The General Assembly shall approve the Association's annual accounts and budget for the coming year. 


4.0 Ownership of the Ocean Saloon


The Ocean Association owns the M/Y Ocean Saloon, with the Danish call sign OYOX


5.0. The Board


5.1. The board constitutes itself with chairman, vice-chairman and treasurer elected among a-members. 


5.2. The association is represented by two persons: chairman and treasurer.


5.3. The Treasurer is authorized to set up and manage an account with an online bank for deposits and the payment of operating costs.


5.4. The Board shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association, including the management of the Association's website with the calendar and status of the ship's position, number of persons on board and various activities. 


6.0. Advisory Board


6.1 An Advisory Board may be established as needed. 


6.2 Persons with maritime knowledge may be proposed by all members to the Advisory Board. It shall then be for the Board to approve the individual(s) as a member of the Advisory Board.


6.3. Members of the Advisory Board shall not have the right to vote at meetings of the Board or at the General Assembly.


6.4 Members of the Advisory Board shall have the same rights as B-members, except that they shall not pay the annual fee. 


7.0. Membership


7.1 Anyone may apply for membership.


7.2 The subscription as determined by the Board must be paid within 7 days of application, and 7 days before use and at least 7 days before the AGM, unless withdrawn.


7.3 Invitation to pay the annual subscription will be sent by e-mail and will be posted on the website. If the amount due is not paid within the said period, membership will automatically cease.


7.4 The Board may create different membership categories as required.


7.6 A-Membership requires unanimous approval of all existing A-Members, and gives the right to plan and conduct sailing, as well as the right to vote at the General Assembly.


7.7 B Membership requires unanimous approval of the Board. B-Members may participate in sailing and events organised by the Association, as well as propose their own arrangements to the Association.


7.8 C-Company members (C-members) require unanimous approval of the Board. C-members may participate in sailing and events organised by the Association, as well as propose their own arrangements to the Association.


7.9 D-Members (Crew Members). Are for those who will actively participate in the establishment of the Association's purpose (Item 1.2.) and require unanimous approval of the Board. D-member


7.10 Supporting members (E-members) have no duties but the right to participate in one or more races, if there is space and the skipper on board, allows it. 


7.11. Honorary members, A B C and D members may invite guests on board. Members have priority over guests. 


7.11.1 The member guarantees that the guest pays the established maintenance fee in connection with the trip in question. The maintenance fee and the number of guests shall be determined by the Board.


7.11.2 Guests brought by members may be considered as family or close friends of the member.


7.11.3. Guests brought by members are aware of the Association's statutes and objectives, and that it is a private event/ride at their own risk.


7.13.4 Members bringing guests are required to provide a list of names of guests and that the member knows all necessary contact information of all guests


8.0.   Finances and Liability:


8.1 Members shall not be liable for the Association's obligations. Only the assets of the Association are liable.


8.2 The Association's fiscal year is the calendar year. The Board shall ensure that a budget is drawn up prior to each financial year and submitted to the General Assembly for approval.


8.2. The annual accounts shall be drawn up in accordance with good accounting practice.


8.3. The annual accounts shall be audited by an auditor who shall complete an audit certificate.


8.4 The annual accounts shall be submitted for approval to the Ordinary General Meeting.


9.0. Volunteering:


It is expected that members will participate in the maintenance of the M/Y Ocean Saloon. Each full hour contributed to the maintenance is charged with 100,00 DKK per hour. The amount will not be paid but will be offset against the maintenance grant for events/ sailing, however not against the annual fee. The association is not liable for any tax consequences in this connection. 


10.0. Disclaimer:

As a member or as a guest of a member, it is accepted that a stay on the M/Y Ocean Saloon, whether at berth, during sailing or at anchor, located in a foreign port, as well as participation in the activities offered by the Ocean Association, is a private event and is at the member's own risk. 

Members or guests of members accept that the Association Ocean, the Association Board, the ship's captain and or crew members of any kind, are released from all liability, this also applies to the costs of any legal proceedings, as well as the applicable rules on recourse for claims for damages that may be made.


11.0. Data Security. 

Personal data such as name and personal identity number will be processed in accordance with GDPR rules and may not be passed on to others. 


12.0 Exclusion


The Board may expel a member for non-payment of dues, irresponsible behavior on board, or otherwise being a burden to the community. 


13.0. Home


The Ocean Saloon Association is domiciled in the Municipality of Helsingør, MHC Law, Nordre Strandvej 119 F, 3150 Hellebæk - Denmark



The Articles of Association were adopted at the Founding General Assembly on 24.03.2020 and last amended on 15.3.2022.



Chairman                                Vice-Chairman                                  Treasurer







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